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Living Threads Products

Living Threads is a unique form of vibrational healing that relate to the body subtle energy system and their specific frequencies.

The resonance of colour energy vibrations enable one to feel their wholeness and experience emotions such as compassion and to feel great joy. Perhaps more pointedly, to connect the user with their own power to bring balance and harmony to the body-mind.

The cottons have evolved by matching the wavelength of our negative cellular structures with the right colour and infused with the right geometry of mathematics.

By joining these threads together, creates a circle that has no beginning and no end. They are crossed, then folded , resembling a rose, opening the heart from which healing and love flow.

Living Threads Testimonial

"I am the principal of Luminos Institute in Ireland, a Private Education facility specialising in Adult Education in the Holistic Healthcare Sector. I am also a multi - disciplinary Holistic Practitioner,  Lecturer and Examiner.

My first encounter with the Colour Cottons was in 2003 when a fellow Kinesiologist used the CC’s during a treatment session with me. I was quite intrigued and proceeded to learn more about their history and application with the view of incorporating their use into my own practice. From then on I availed of my colleagues CC’s at every opportunity, which was limited to Group Clinics held throughout the years.  It was not until 2006 that I was able to source a copy of the CC’s for myself.

Since then the CC’s have become an integral part of my private practice. Their use has been invaluable to my patients and I would not like to be without them.

At Luminos, identification of individual CC’s and their mode of application are achieved through muscle testing, surrogate testing or dowsing, depending upon whichever method is most appropriate at the time and in context with the chosen treatment plan. On some occasions the CC’s have proven to be all that was required to affect a healing process in a patient.

Although my experiences can only be regarded as anecdotal I am happy to vouch for their efficacy within the limits of my own private practice.

On a personal note I feel the Coloured Cottons offer a unique medium through which health and healing can be initiated in a gentle and non- invasive fashion. I strongly believe that they merit a status of their own within the field of Holistic Healthcare and I sincerely hope it can be found under the Kinesiology umbrella."

Best regards,
Silvia Henrich
Luminos Institute of Training & Holistic Education
County Wexford, IRELAND                                                

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