Colour Cotton Book And GenHarmony Cards Set – Romancing the Rose
GenHarmony Cards And Colour Cotton Therapy Book Set For Body Healing
GenHarmony Cards And Colour Cotton Therapy Treatment Book Set Aligns The Spiritual Energy Fields

Colour Cotton Book And GenHarmony Cards Set

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Colour Therapy Treatment

Responsibility is the basic foundation for the manifestation of your health, harmony and well-being. The Colour Cotton Book and GenHarmony cards set may enable you to optimise healing. The purpose of which is to vastly accelerate the evolutionary development of a person. 

These Living Threads products uses healing codes to provide an awakening on the inner journey of spiritual transformation and beyond. By lifting and freeing up your energy attention awakens consciousness transcending the personal fears and sorrows. 

Colour is universal and may differ from culture to culture and as individuals, being surrounded by colour in day to day existence. This has an immediate impact on our senses with powerful emotional and symbolic overtones.

Your full potential using Colour Therapy treatment delivers the appropriate colours spontaneously needed, bestowing universal love.

Life is choice. With every moment and with each breath you make choices. Fragmentation to wholeness is enhanced by your intentions. Every imbalance (physical, spiritual, emotional...) has its own vibrational frequency. Your inbuilt perceptive skills allow you to recognise when things are not as they can be. Life comes with ups and downs and often poses wake up calls at particular times. 

Clear your energy field when it becomes stagnant. Responsibility of conscious awareness, being, and heart is where your spiritual journey begins. Use the Colour Cotton Book and GenHarmony cards set to work with the body, to listen and look within.

“I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to you for the gift of the cotton threads that you developed many years ago and have recently updated and added more colours to. I have no doubt that you are a gifted intuitive and I admire greatly your intention to help people and make the world a better place through the use of the frequencies. I can personally attest to this and I and all my therapists in the HiddenMind programme have seen the wonderful healing effects of the frequencies as a powerful compliment to our programmes. We encourage the use of the cotton threads by our patients on a continual basis and your lovely books are a gift to therapists and patients alike. As founder of HiddenMind I have no hesitation in recommending your colour cotton threads to anyone really interested in healing and enhancing their lives. I will be always grateful for this beautiful gift.”

Tom Griffin

Founder of Hidden Mind Bio energy and the Investigative and Sound Corrective Programme.

Co-author of Hidden Mind-A Journey of Reconnection